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Those Darn Ears!

Sheltie expression is greatly enhanced by ear training. The proper Sheltie ear is 2/3 erect, with the top 1/3 tipping forward. This look can be achieved with the use of ear tape, moleskin, leather adhesive, and several other products, available locally, or on the internet.

Each puppy will leave our care with ears properly braced. We are happy to re-do ears for any of our puppy buyers, at any time, free of charge. We are also happy to instruct our buyers in the process we use to secure ear braces, so re-bracing can be done at home, if desired.

Typically, bracing is only necessary through the teething process, at which time both ears can be up ("prick"), both down ("houndy"), or a combination of the two. Once the adult teeth are fully in place, provided the ears are not unruly in their resistance to bracing, the ears should be reasonably set. Other things said to negatively affect ear tips are cold weather and bitches in season. We generally brace our show dogs’ ears up through a year, if necessary, but ear bracing is not necessary for companion puppies, unless an owner wishes to achieve that sweet soft expression. If a buyer wishes to brace ears, we are here to help, with whatever method the buyer pleases...

Moleskin is usually used for “heavy” or “hound” ears that flop too low.

Ear glue (often human hair glue, or fabric glue) can be used to pull the ears together and create the tip down appearance - always gluing fur to fur.

Step 1: pull the ears back to back at the top of the head.

Step 2: place a small dab of glue at the frontal base of both ears – in the fur - and pinch together briefly.

Step 3: Now that both ears are near touching on the top of the head, place a small dab of glue on the inner tip (FUR) of

each ear and fold the ear tip downward to attach to the fur in front of the ear, creating a folding tip.

*a short video of this is placed on my YouTube account for you to watch.

Japanese Ear Tape is done in a method similar to the glue.

To remove the products, we typically recommend Zo-Eze and will include a small amount when you leave with your puppy. Another remover is Uni-Solve, in wipes format, available through human pharmacies/medical supply stores.

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