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Sympa Teak Un Dancier

4/22/1998 - 8/31/2012

Teak was the second sheltie to join our family! As Traverse got close to a year old it was decided that we should get a companion to keep Traverse company while we were at work and Kelly was at school.

We found a breeder close by home and went to look at a puppy. Kelly picked out a tiny male who was about 5 weeks old. We made a few trips to the breeders over the next 3 weeks and finally brought home a new puppy that became known as Teak!

Traverse by this time had bonded strongly to me, and Teak was going to be Kelly’s puppy! Teak was instantly accepted by Traverse and they became best pals! They played together, they ate together, they slept together and they still remain inseparable to this day! Trav taught Teak what life at our house was all about and Teak learned fast! Meet us at the door with tails wagging, and treats would certainly follow! Teak quickly became known as wiggle-butt because of the way he dances when he gets excited!

Teak has always been a petite sheltie. Traverse who is slightly oversize took on the roll of being Teaks protector. Both Trav and Teak are gentle and outgoing, and people who see them together usually are attracted to Teak first because of his tiny size and his wagging tail and friendly personality! When Teak is not sure about someone he has always looked at Traverse for guidance, and Traverse has made sure Teak knows if it is safe to approach someone or another dog, or to bark at them!

When Kelly moved out of the house into a place of her own, even though Teak was her dog it was decided that it would be unfair to Teak to separate him from Traverse, and visa-versa so Teak remained here with us. Teak looks forward to seeing Kelly every time she comes here, but is happy he is still with his best friend Traverse.

Teak seldom plays with toys, he would much rather lay and cuddle, or play chase Tyler! Teak still loves to chase Tyler around the couch or table, or all over the back yard after the frisbee! Teak loves meeting strangers, and loves to flirt with other dogs, especially ones his size like the love of his life Kylee! He makes us smile by being prim and proper by not liking to get his paws wet from puddles during walks in the rain and will go way out of his way to avoid puddles, but always wants to go wadding in the lake during the summer! He insists on being near one of us humans, and has a very huge heart for a little guy!

Teak is starting to slow down as he reaches his 12th birthday. Like Traverse, Teak has not earned any titles, his claim to fame is giving smiles to children and elderly people who he seems to adore. He seems to know that he is a therapy dog at heart.


When he goes to the nursing home to visit my mom, Teak is always busy giving out smiles and loving to any of the residents that want to pet him! He is adored by anyone who sees him coming! Teak like all shelties has his own distinct personality and has become a very important and loved part of our family! In the ranks of the Sympa gang, he is a champion at being a perfect role model for the others!



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