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AKC (Bred-By-Exhibitor) CHAMPION


Sympa's Agape Academy Award

D.O.B. 5/2/2013

Photograph to the Right and below by Jen Milani at 9 years of age

He is such a happy dog and a lover, he has been raised with kids, cats, and dogs.  Some of his written critiques by judges mention that he has a beautiful clean head, nice eye and expression, lots of neck, long tail, good tailset, and beautiful natural floating movement - and he is HAPPY showing!  In 2015, he was even one of the top ten picks at the ASSA National by a prominent long time breeder, Cheryl Anderson (Cherden Shelties).  

Oscar has returned to Michigan after a lengthy court battle from a bad co-ownership.  We are very pleased to have him home and he will not be leaving again!  We had to get him healthy, back into show shape and happy again.  Because of this situation, we are extra careful screening homes - whether you're purchasing your first dog, or have been in the breed or showing for 20 years.


He is my first AKC Champion, and my first "Bred-By" Champion, since he finished completely from the Bred By Class, handled by myself.  Now that he is a Triple Champion, he will be taking some time off to enjoy life and entertain the ladies, before starting some performance training. 


OFA Results: Hips Excellent, Patella Normal, Eyes Normal (3/2020 - pending updated result), Legg-Calve-Perthes Normal, Dermatomyositis Low Risk, Dentition Full, Collie Eye Anomaly Normal, Degenerative Myelopathy Normal, Multi Drug Resistance Carrier, Progressive Retinal Atrophy Normal, Von Willebrands Normal, Thyroid Normal.  CHIC Certified.

Please note that the below photos are a collection of our boy in a home environment.  Many are natural photos!

DSC_0692 Cropped.jpg





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