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RBIMBS U-GRCH AGII RO1 Sympa's Believe In The Journey CL1 CGC

2011 UKC Top Ten Finalist   


Breckon x Kylee

2/1/2010 - 11/11/2019

Rylee lived with a good friend, Donna Sager. She finished her UKC Championship quickly with multiple group placements.  Donna hoped to do obedience and agility (and maybe more!) with her, and I believed they would go far and be my first Total Dog Participant.  She was also nicknamed "Princess" and was spoiled rotten already being the only female dog in the home.  She played well with the family's three Poms and several Alaskan Klee Kai.  Donna was very thrilled with the fact that Rylee adjusts to any situation quickly and she learned the doggy door immediately and has only had one accident in over two weeks, "never met a stranger" and "grants people permission to pet her" :)  Rylee lived with my friend Donna, before retiring to her friend Jil, where she was loved until the day she passed.



Health Testing

Coming Soon!  Too young yet!


6 Generation

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Coming Soon!  Too young yet!


Candlelit Sympa-ly Unstoppable RN CGC

BISS GCH Am/Can CH Barwood Sound Sensation ROM ROMC AOM


Candlelit Etcetera

DOB 3/12/20

Breeder: Joyce Becherini (Candlelit Shelties)

I had been looking for a new female show prospect for about a year.  One pup after another just did not work out. I heard from good friends that I should contact Joyce about a cute little girl she had.  I did, and a few weeks later, Joyce was offering me the pick of the litter.  We drove to Wisconsin and I sat in the puppy ex-pen and Tootsie came bounding into my face!  I kept trying to put her down and check the other pups over to see who I wanted to take a chance on.  Tootsie was insistant that she was MY puppy!  After about an hour, I made it final, and told Joyce I would be taking the extremely outgoing, in your face sweet little plain jane girl home.  She handled the car ride home perfect - about 6 hours, including through a tornado warning!  She has been the perfect puppy - adapting to everything, afraid of nothing (including storms and fireworks), curious of everything new, no destructive chewing, sleeps through the night, and the only two accidents in 4 weeks were on my husband's "Watch" and his fault ;) 

I could not be more pleased for our future (she is also futurity nominated)!  She makes friends with everyone she meets, and everyone loves her white "tootsie" toes in front!  I had no intent to keep the name but it fit her and has grown on me.  You may hear my Dad call her Tia - don't mind him! ;)   Her registered name came from the Broadway Musical: "Tootsie" - it is one of the popular songs on the soundtrack.  It fits her personality so well - some of the lyrics are just to the right on this page (not on mobile site)!  


Cuz she's got me flying like a bird                    Nothing and no one not anything

So how to describe it                                          Anyone ever can do or say can stop her

Only one word                                                     Unstoppable!

Unstoppable!                                                       Unstoppable!

Stand aside 'cause this girl's on a roll                Unstoppable!

She's unstoppable!                                              I'll be taking the world over soon 

Admiration, respect, and Control                       Unstoppable!

She's unstoppable!                                              No use trying to burst my balloon

Look out world                                                     Unpopable!

Cuz this girl's on a roll                                         No more waiting 

She's unstoppable!                                              Cuz this is my time

Admiration, respect, and control                        There's no mountain

She's unstoppable!                                              These heels can't climb  

Anywhere                                                              Nothing on earth can stop me    

Hollywood                                                             Cuz I'm    

Or Broadway                                                          Unstoppable!

Any part, Any scene, Any play

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