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Sympa's Wonderful Thing NJS TDI CGC

D.O.B. 9/25/05 - 10/6/2020

My husband and I were married Sept 10, 2005, so I like to say Tigger was my wedding gift from my husband. Although, Tigger was essentially a pay back from the sale of his mother (Jolie) to Jo Lee, in Virginia. Stated in the contract, when I sold Jolie was that I would get a pick puppy back. And that puppy turned out to be Tigger. My husband (Derrick) and I flew to Virginia to visit the litter when they were eight weeks old. I fell in love with Tigger the second I saw him poke his wittle nose through the lattice fencing, and knew he was "the one". So Tigger came back to Michigan to start his life with us and his grandma Belle. Jo (the breeder) said that Tigger was the shy pup out of the litter, but I think thats all relative, since Tigger is very social and friendly. He also has a face that can just melt you.

He LOVES to go for walks in the park, play chase with the other dogs, and eat. I don't think I've found a single thing he turns his nose up to.  Least favorite things would be his humans sneezing or a loose dog in "his" yard.

Tigger has been such a good boy, always wants to please and try anything. He learns tricks very easily and can do everything from bringing me my cell phone, home phone, remotes, keys, hubby's wallet, etc to the "basics". He loves to exercise - he "steps" on the elevated stepper Derrick uses every night. 

He also has been a certified Therapy Dog International, he is a certified Service Dog, as well. On top of that, he also competed in agility, plus he has a definite herding drive on sheep and ducks. He's even been published in local newsletters and Dog Fancy!

Derrick likes to give the dogs silly nicknames, so Tigger has also been known as "Tig", "Tig-a-woo", "Tig-a-roo", "Goo-Bee" (for good boy), "Stinker", "Silly", "Mr. T" and "Bigger Tigger"... With all of the names he has, there is none better than a best friend and companion. He is definitely more than just a pet, he is a family member.



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