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Grooming Basics!

The tools above help you groom your Sheltie properly.

Top Row:

- Baby powder helps to remove and prevent matts in the coat, and add a fresh scent in between baths, simply add a little powder and brush it through the coat (extra attention near the ear fuzz!)

- Baby wipes

- Spray bottle of water because you should never brush a Sheltie coat that is dry, it can break the fur. It's ok to use a good coat conditioner as well, like Chris Christiansen Ice on Ice.

- Waterless shampoo (I use Proline Self-Rinse) allows you to spritz certain parts of the coat, rub it in, then brush. I use this for paws a lot.

Middle Row:

- Single sided thinning shears are mostly needed for show grooming to give a natural appearance around the ruff and hocks and legs

- Straight edge shears are your basic grooming scissors for trimming the fur between the toes and pads, removing length if warranted, etc

Bottom Row:

- Slicker Brush works well for fine fur around the ears and hocks

- Multi length comb, I prefer the kind where the tines rotate to help remove small matts (again while using a conditioning spray)

- Flea comb

- Pin Brush is for general brushing and line-brushing where you get to the skin of the dog over nearly every inch of their bodies

- Matt breaker that has a razor-like edge to help with the back feathers or matts around the ears. It can be used to thin the excess fur around their hips or shoulders too

- Nail trimmers

- Quick Stop if you clip the nails too short. Cornstarch can also be used if needed.

And a bag to store all of your supplies in! There are many more tools in a handlers tack box at shows, but this is a great start for the average owner.

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