Want a Mini Collie??

So You Think You Want A Miniature Collie?

When is it "time"?

How can we make that difficult decision to end the life of a pet whom we have loved and nurtured, played with and lived with? The pet may have been with us for a short time or for many years. It may protect us, serve us, or just be there when we need something to cuddle.

How to choose a pet sitter/kennel

We recommend searching for a pet sitter or boarding facility well in advance of when you need it.  Here at Sympa Shelties we do pet sitting in our home and we always prefer to leave our dogs with a home setting rather than a kennel.  If you can not find a pet sitter or a kennel is your only option, here are some tips...... 


"We're going to leave Sport in a kennel while we travel this summer."

A common statement, but one not so easily accomplished in many cases.

What is the size of a Sheltie?

Sheltie Size

Sue Ann Bowling



How to take basic vitals of my dog?

How Do I Take My Dogs Pulse?

There are several areas on the dog's body where you may be able to feel the pulse. A pulse occurs with every heart beat. Sometimes, you can just place your hands low on your dog's chest, near the elbow joint, and feel the heart beats. You can count how many beats you feel in 15 seconds and then multiply it be 4. That will give you the pulse.

What are titers, related to vaccines?

What are titers and what do they mean for my dog?

by Anne Jones RN, BSNE

Help With Dog Food?

This is a pretty "touchy" subject with some people with so many choices available - kibble, canned, raw, BARF, home cooked, etc....  This is what I give to my puppy buyers so they can be educated and make the right choice for their own dog.  That choice might vary owner to owner, dog to dog.  There is no one true right food for every dog...  


You can (hopefully) see the PDF displayed below. If it does not display, follow this link.

What health problems are Shelties more prone to?

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What are the grooming basics required for a Sheltie?

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How do you choose a trainer?

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Housebreaking Help?

We strongly recommend crate training... For more information, you can (hopefully) see the PDF displayed below. If it does not display, follow this link.

What does it take to be a breeder?

A LOT!!!!!! 

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How much exercise is required?

It goes without saying that every dog needs exercise on a daily basis. Not only does exercise improve overall health and vitality, it can be a very bonding experience for both human and canine.


To say the sheltie needs an inordinate amount of exercise would not necessarily be true, but a Sheltie does need a good, daily dose of some form of exercise. A long, brisk walk, morning and evening, is often enough. A good game of fetch in the back-yard is also a great form of exercise.


Those darn Sheltie ears!

Sheltie expression is greatly enhanced by ear training. The proper Sheltie ear is 2/3 erect, with the top 1/3 tipping forward. This look can be achieved with the use of ear tape, moleskin, leather adhesive, and several other products, available locally, or on the internet.


Each puppy will leave our care with ears properly braced. We are happy to re-do ears for any of our puppy buyers, at any time, free of charge. We are also happy to instruct our buyers in the process we use to secure ear braces, so re-bracing can be done at home, if desired.


How to choose a groomer

Depending on the breed of dog you have, a groomer may be very useful in keeping the hair coat neat and tidy. Ask your veterinarian, family, and friends for names of groomers that they recommend.

Questions to ask when choosing a groomer...

What breeds do they own? Are their pets' hair coats kept neat and clean?

How to choose a veterinarian?

It is very important to select one you can communicate with. It goes without saying that your vet should be a skilled doctor, who keeps up-to-date on medical improvements. He, or she, must the person you can have a working relationship with. Aside from wanting fair prices on routine office visits, you need a vet who cares. One you can call in a 3am emergency- and he trusts you not to call, unless it is an emergency. If your vet says, or does things, that don’t seem quite right, or he’s impatient when you ask questions, find another vet.

Can you explain the coat colors in Shelties?

There are "base" colors and then variations on top of the base.

The base colors are sable and black, each with varying amounts of white.

The modifier is merling...

So you can have: Sable/White, Sable Merle/White, Black/Tan/White ("tri"), Black/Tan/White Merled ("blue merle"), Black/White ("bi black"), Blue/White ("bi blue").

For more detailed information, visit the following websites:


What is the history of the Sheltie?

There are many thoughts on this, but the most popular consensus is this...

You can (hopefully) see the PDF displayed below. If it does not display, follow this link.

(Our) Tag

U-CH Sympa's Time 2 Believe U R It


Sire: MBISS AM GCH/CAN CH/UKC CH Dan Dee One From The Heart ROM (2011 ASSA AOM, 2nd in Stud Dog Class)
Dam: BIMBS RBIMBS U-GRCH Trelynn's I'm A Believer In Sympas CGC (2009 UKC Top Ten Finalist; a Boy oh Boy Dau.)

What should I ask and get from a breeder?

What To Ask Your Potential Breeder . . .

How do I find and contact a Sheltie breeder?

Having decided to own a Shetland Sheepdog, you should try to find the best available specimen of the breed. Many sources offer purebred puppies and dogs for sale, but locating the best source requires time and research. Local pet stores will often carry several popular breeds. These dogs often come from backyard breeders or puppy mills, and are not in the best state of health, nor are they from the best possible breeding lines. Your local newspaper will also run advertisements for purebred puppies.

Are Contracts common for the sale of Shelties?

The breeder will probably request a contract be signed, stating that the puppy will be spayed or neutered when it reaches the appropriate age. REMEMBER, the responsible breeder only wants the best possible specimens of the breed to contribute to future generations, so you should be willing to accept this agreement if it applies to your puppy. Spaying or neutering your dog also decreases the risk of some future health problems.

Do Shelties make good apartment dogs?

Speaking from personal experience, it is do-able.  They do need a fair amount of exercise, so a LONG walk or a good run session in a park is recommended daily.  Without the output for their energy, destructive behaviors (barking, chewing, etc) may occur.  If the owner is willing to put the time into walks and runs, a Sheltie can make a nice apartment pet.

Do Shelties bark (a lot)?

It depends.  They are typically known to be a barky breed.  They can, however, be easily trained to bark on command or learn a "quiet" command.  Sympa Shelties is very proud of our dogs temperaments of being mostly calm and quiet.

Do Shelties do well with other dogs?

Yes!  There are several statements about Shelties being "Better In Bunches" or "Like Potato Chips - You Can't Have Just One".  Each Sheltie, of course, has their own attitudes and personalities, but the majority of them do well with other Shelties, or other breeds.  Many say, though, it is best to have both genders and not just males (or just females).  We, however, have been very lucky with very very few "tiffs" and never any serious aggression, despite owning both genders in the same household.

Do Shelties do well on vacations/camping, or do I need to board my pet?

Yes!  We camp with the Sympa Shelties several times a year.  The dogs are good in a trailer or a tent.  In fact, ours have their very own "doggy tent" (it is really a large screen tent) when we go camping with them.  Camping is a great way to socialize Shelties to different environments, people, and sounds  :)

What is your favorite color of Shelties?

Do Shelties like water?

Some Shelties do enjoy trips into a lake or pond. Not all Shelties, however, enjoy water. Some do not like "bodies of water" but playing in the sprinkler is fun in the summer time. Our Tigger, though, loves to dive right in to rivers and lakes - he really enjoys cooling off like this.

Do Shelties & Children get along?

Yes, if they are both socialized to each other early on. Any time a dog is around a child, they should be supervised, of course. Shelties can sometimes attempt to "herd" children, for instance. But, overall, they make wonderful family pets.

AKC Breed Standard

This is the American Kennel Club official breed standard of the Shetland Sheepdog.

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