Old News


Wow...  I can not believe I have not updated this page throughout the year with the many things happening to the Sympa Gang....  Here is a preview of major events, we let Traverse cross the "rainbow bridge" then the following week, "Tag" was born to Kylee.  We lost Teak unexpectedly and suddenly the Friday of Labor Day.  Not many dog shows until Tag was old enough for the puppy classes, he went Reserve Best Puppy In Show and Best Puppy in Show, and in the real classes, 4 Best of Breeds, 1 Group 1, 1 Group 3 and finished his UKC Championship in December.  Tag also earned a Best of Breed and Herding Group 2 (out of 12 breeds) at his very first AKC Match in East Lansing.  Rylee has taken most of the year off of conformation to focus on rally and agility training.  She has done amazing in all rings (earning her CL1-H, CL1-F, CL1-S and CL1-R titles to complete the CL1 title) and continues to steal people's hearts.  Belle even came out of retirement and finished an agility title in CPE at almost 11 years old at Rylee's debut weekend, where she also earned a title!  The pic here is one that was taken that day.


October 2 > Rylee went Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Group 2 under judge Sandra Shaw.  Not to be out-done by her daughter, Kylee had an amazing day as well.  Under judge Deb Beean (a fellow Sheltie fancier), Kylee went Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Group 1, and then BEST IN MULTI BREED SHOW!!!!
October 1 > TJ went Grand Champion, Best of Breed under judge Marian Campbell.  Rylee one-upped her brother by going Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Group 1, RESERVE BEST IN MULTI BREED SHOW under judge Beth Snedegar!
September 23, 24, 25 > LONG weekend in Charlotte, MI.  It isn't too often we do 3 days of showing!  Rylee won the Grand Champion class under judges: Marian Campbell, David Kittredge, Marilyn O'Neill, Maude TankThen, under judge Beth Snedegar (on the 25th), Rylee went Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Group 1!!
August 28 > Rylee won the Grand Champion class both shows, and Best of Breed both shows under judges Brenda and Jennifer Landers, in Whitmore Lake.
August 20 > Rylee finished her Grand Championship!  She was Champion of Champions back to back in both shows, even taking Best of Breed under judge Jeanne Heger.  I hadn't entered in Indiana, but went to watch, and *so glad* that I did!  Amazing to be there and see Donna and Rylee get the Best of Breed rosette over the 2010 #1 UKC Sheltie.
July 31 > Kylee went Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Group 3 under judge Deb Beean.  TJ went Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Group 2 under judge Jack Wynne.
July 30 > Kylee went Grand Champion, Best of Breed, Group 3 under breeder/judge Pam Moore.  TJ went Grand Champion, Best of Breed under judge Julie Hatlas-Pepper.
July 3 > TJ finished his UKC Grand Championship under judge J Ray Johnson by going Champion of Champions.  Kylee went Best of Breed, Group 2 under J Ray Johnson, and Best of Breed, Group 3 under Dianne Raymond.
July 2 > Kylee went Best of Breed, Group 3 twice, under judges Maude Tank and Marian Campbell.
June 16 > At 2011 UKC Premier's United Shetland Sheepdog Association Specialty, Kylee won the Grand Champion class under breeder/judge Pam Moore of Phoenix Shelties.
June 12 > Today, Kylee and Rylee shared the spotlight.  Under judge David Arthur, Rylee took Best of Breed and Group 1!  Under judge Julie Hatlas-Pepper, Kylee went Best of Breed and Group 1!
June 11 > Kylee is back to showing!  Under judge Robin Abbott, she was Grand Champion/Best of Breed/Group 2 and under judge Deb Beean, she was Grand Champion/Best of Breed/Group 1!
May 15 > Rylee had 2 more wins towards her U-GRCH today.  Under judge Brenda Landers, she went Ch of Ch/Best of Breed/Group 2 and under judge Jennifer Landers, she went Champion of Champions.
May 14 > TJ had his fourth win towards his U-GRCH under judge Joseph Gubry, where he went Champion of Champions and Best of BreedRylee also went Champion of Champions, Best of Breed, and Group 4 under judge Sharon Griffin for her first win of 5 towards her UKC Grand Championship. This is the first weekend for Donna Sager to handle Rylee herself, and they did an amazing job!
April 16 & 17 > TJ had his first three wins of 5 towards his UKC Grand Championship.  On the 16th, he went Champion of Champions and Best of Breed under judge Helena Engelauf.  On the 17th, he went Champion of Champions and Best of Breed under judges Jeanne Heger and Dianne Raymond.
March 13 > Rylee had her day to finish her UKC Championship.  She went 1/BF/BOB under judge Jeanne Heger!
March 12 > TJ had two wins in a row to obtain his UKC Championship.  He went 1/BM/BOW under both Nancy Eilks and Rebecca Harris.
February 27 > Today was Rylee's day!  Her first weekend in conformation, she obtained 2 of her 3 wins towards her UKC Championship.  She went 1/BF/BOW/BOB/Group 1 under judge J Ray Johnson and 1/BF/BOW/BOB/Group 4 under judge Patricia Young.  Not bad for no conformation classes or training!!
February 26 > TJ had an amazing show day.  He went 1/BM/BOW/BOB/Group4 under judge Sharron Griffin.  This was his first of 3 wins towards his UKC Championship.


We did not do much this year because of having the litter...
JUNE 27th >
Kylee and TJ did the first show/outing of the year.  It was an AKC Sanctioned B Match.  TJ took Best Puppy In Breed & Group.  Kylee took Best of Breed and Group 3.
JUNE 7th - 14th > We delivered our puppies to their new homes http://microbestshop.com/microsoft-windows-7-home-premium-with-sp1-32-bit-64-bit/.  "Dora" went near Chicago, IL.  And "Crickett" went to her new home near Sacramento, California.  We do not like to ship our puppies unattended (via planes), so we made a road trip instead.  We also got to see "Sally" a puppy from the Traverse x Belle litter in 2003 (and lives in Southern California), who we hadn't seen since she was almost three months old when she flew home with her new owner 'in cabin'.
FEBRUARY 19th > Sadly, we did lose one puppy, "Lil Boo".  He was a fighter and we did everything we could to save him, but decided it was best to not let him suffer anymore.
FEBRUARY 1st > Kylee had a puppy born naturally ("Dora") but did need an emergency C-section to deliver the remaining 4 puppies (two other females, two other males).


DECEMBER 31st > Kylee was named the #8 Shetland Sheepdog for the United Kennel Club in 2009.  This means we will be invited to the UKC Premier ("nationals") in July in Indiana.
NOVEMBER 30, DECEMBER 2, DECEMBER 5 & DECEMBER 6th > Kylee was bred (naturally) to CH Belaire's What You Leave Behind "Breckon".  We are super excited about this litter and can not wait to see what results for us.  Breckon is from a very nice line (which also includes VCX and other performance titled dogs) :)
NOVEMBER 7th & 8th > Kylee was entered in her first AKC show this weekend.  She earned "Reserve Winners Bitch" both days.  Not bad for a first timer!  :)
OCTOBER 11th > Kylee took the "Champion" class under judge Beth Snedegar to finish her Grand Championship title.  Beth also placed Kylee as Best of Breed, Group 1, and RESERVE BEST IN MULTI BREED SHOW!  Thank you, Beth!  It was a year ago, at this show, that Ky finished her U-CH under Beth as well :)
SEPTEMBER 5th > Kylee was handled by our good friend, Pat Gustafson, while my husband and I were on vacation.  She took the Championship class, Best of Breed, and a Group 2 under judge June Pasko.  Thanks Pat!
AUGUST 9th > Kylee took the "Champion" class in a LARGE class of very nice dogs, "Best of Breed", and Group placements in two shows this day.  Under judge Marian Campbell, she earned a Group 1 and went on to enter the Best in Show ring!  And under J Ray Johnson, a Group 2.
AUGUST 1st > Kylee's half sister "Amy" (AKC/CAN/UKC CH Trelynn's Something About Amy) finished her AKC Championship in Marshall, MI at the Jaxon Kennel Club!  What a great accomplishment for a breeder/owner/handler -- that is our inspiration!
JUNE 25th & 26th > Kylee brought home 4 "Champion of Champions", 3 "Best of Breeds" and 3 Group placements (one Group 2 and two Group 3).
MAY 9th > Kylee brought home "Champion of Champions", "Best of Breed", and a Group 2 under judge Jack Wynne.
APRIL 5th > Kylee brought home 2 "Champion of Champions" and 2 "Best of Breed" rosettes from a UKC show in Whitmore Lake, MI.  Judges were Marilynn O'Neill & Mary King.  This also added some Top Ten points to her total.
MARCH 27th > Our new Sympa Shelties Blog has gone live: http://www.SympaShelties.blogspot.com
MARCH 14th & 15th > Kylee was entered in the Michigan Classic UKC show.  Under judge June Pasko, Kylee earned Best of Breed on the 13th over some tough competition.  We are very proud of our girl!  This was her first win towards her Grand Championship title, and her first points towards the Top Ten.  The other three shows, Ky won her Championship Class.
FEBRUARY 21st & 22nd > Kylee was entered in her first show of the year.  She took her Championship class three times, Reserve Champion once, and Best of Breed once under judge Debra Beean.


OCTOBER 19th > Kylee earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen award.
OCTOBER 11th > Kylee finished her UKC Championship taking Winners Bitch twice in a row under judges Beth Snedgar and Kathy Lorentzen.  In total, Ky has earned 4 competition wins and 265 points.
SEPTEMBER 21st > Kylee earned WB, BOW, BOB, G3 under judge J. Ray Johnson, and in show 2 she earned WB under judge Cherish DeWitt.
SEPTEMBER 20th > Kylee earned WB for both shows under judges Maude Tank and Beth Snedgar.
JUNE 29th > Kylee started her show career with a bang under judge J. Ray Johnson, she took WB (BOB) and G3.
JUNE 28th > Tigger earned another NADAC Tunnelers leg.
FEBRUARY 24th > Kylee is a new addition to our home from her breeder, Debbie Tresnak of Trelynn Shelties.
JANUARY 19th > Belle earned some CPE legs, for level 3 Jumpers, Wildcard, and Jackpot


DECEMBER 28th > Kylee is born.
NOVEMBER 18th > Belle earned her final legs for level two: Jackpot, Wildcard, & Jumpers.  Part of these wins officially earned her the CL2-F title.
OCTOBER 14th > Tigger earned his NJS (Novice Jumpers in NADAC) title, he also earned a leg in their Tunnelers class as well.  Belle earned her Jumpers 4th out of 6 leg, and Tunnelers 5th out of 6 leg - these are for the NADAC's Outstanding title.
OCTOBER 7th > Belle earned, for level two, her 2nd leg of 2 in CPE's Full House and 1st leg of 2 in Wildcard.
AUGUST 26th > Tigger earned his second Jumpers leg in NADAC.
AUGUST 25th > Tigger earns his first agility legs ever - one in Jumpers and the other in Touch N Go for NADAC classes.
AUGUST 11th > Belle earned her first legs in level two of CPE's Full House and Jackpot.
JUNE 30th > Tigger has his first sheep herding lesson with Kelly Malone and did very well.  This was his second time on sheep.
APRIL 15th > Belle earned her NAC NADAC title, which is similar to AKC's Standard title.
APRIL 14th > Belle earned her 4th out of 6 Tunnelers leg.