How to choose a groomer

Depending on the breed of dog you have, a groomer may be very useful in keeping the hair coat neat and tidy. Ask your veterinarian, family, and friends for names of groomers that they recommend.

Questions to ask when choosing a groomer...

What breeds do they own? Are their pets' hair coats kept neat and clean?

Did the groomer go to school to learn grooming or did they learn it 'on the job?' How long have they been grooming dogs? What breeds are they proficient at grooming? Do they provide different styles of cuts for different breeds? Will they give a 'show cut' versus a 'puppy cut?'

Is a hand-held or cage drier used?

What are the hours? How are dogs admitted and how do you know when to pick them up? How long does it take to get an appointment?

What is the range of fees for your breed of dog? What does that fee include? When is payment due?

What methods of payment are accepted? Are credit cards accepted?

What type of shampoos and conditioners are used? If your veterinarian recommends a certain shampoo do you need to supply it? Is the ear hair plucked from those breeds with hair in the ear canals?

Do they accept dogs that need to be sedated for grooming? Who sedates and monitors your dog?

Will the groomer trim nails between regular grooming appointments?

Is the area kept clean, neat, and orderly? Are there unpleasant odors? Where are the dogs kept? How are clippers, scissors, etc., cleaned between use?