We have no litters currently planned at this time.  We would be happy to help you find the perfect puppy through other breeders and rescues though, so do not hesitate to contact us.  You may also want to be placed on our waiting list.

Follow the links to see previous Sympa Litters :)


Our Puppy Packs Include:

  • Food/Dish, A sample of the food the dog/puppy is currently eating, plus a worksheet on brands of food.  The sample of food can be used to transition to another brand/formula or helps to see the brand in a store.  A puppy from a Sympa litter will also be sent home with a double diner puppy dish the puppy is used to eating from (note: this will not work for adult sized food portions).
  • AKC and/or UKC Registration, All documentation from the registration organization(s) will be passed on.  The dog may still need to be transferred to new owner, or registered for the first time in new owners name.
  • Pedigree, printed, minimum of 3 generations (most are 5-7)
  • Contract, for pet vs show/brood potential, and outright ownership vs co-ownership.
  • Receipt, signed
  • Show record, if applicable, for conformation, agility, obedience past events.
  • Almost 200 pages of tips and information - Grooming, Training, Health, and more.
  • Health record, indicating vaccines, medications, tests, etc already given and due dates
  • Toy/Blanket, we attempt to provide something with the scent of us and momma on it, which the dog has shown interest in prior to being placed.  We feel this helps to ease the transition.
  • Binder of misc. information (toxic plants, heartworm/flea prevention differences, etc)
  • Microchip documentation, if applicable, will be passed on to new owner.
  • Lifetime Help, during the life of your puppy/dog, we will always be available during the good and bad.  Feel free to contact us at any time, we love to hear how our babies are doing as they age.
  • And More!