Neutered Male ("altered")
Sunday, September 25, 2005
Sable & White ("sable")
Tri-factored ("TriF")
White Collar & Face Blaze ("Irish Pattern")

Sympa's Wonderful Thing NJS TDI CGC SD


My husband and I were married Sept 10, 2005, so I like to say Tigger was my wedding gift from my husband. Although, Tigger was essentially a pay back from the sale of his mother (Jolie) to Jo Lee, in Virginia. Stated in the contract, when I sold Jolie was that I would get a pick puppy back. And that puppy turned out to be Tigger. My husband (Derrick) and I flew to Virginia to visit the litter when they were eight weeks old. I fell in love with Tigger the second I saw him poke his wittle nose through the lattice fencing, and knew he was "the one". So Tigger came back to Michigan to start his life with us and his grandma Belle. Jo (the breeder) said that Tigger was the shy pup out of the litter, but I think thats all relative, since Tigger is very social and friendly. With Ky, or other puppies, he is very tolerant of puppy antics, plus has a face that can just melt you.

Once we brought Tigger home, though, he went through some rough spells, had some allergies and illnesses - and even decided to lap some laundry detergent up! He kept us on our toes, thats for sure. Belle even more so; he brought so much energy and life back into Belle, and really helped with her resocialization.
He LOVES to go for walks in the park, play chase with the other dogs, and eat. I don't think I've found a single thing he turns his nose up to :) Least favorite things would be his humans sneezing or a loose dog in "his" yard.


Tigger has been such a good boy, always wants to please and try anything. He learns tricks very easily and can do everything from bringing me my cell phone, home phone, remotes, keys, hubby's wallet, etc to the "basics". He also has been a certified Therapy Dog International, he is a certified Service Dog, as well. On top of that, he also competes in agility, soon-to-be obedience and rally-o, plus he has a definite herding drive on sheep and ducks. He's even been published in local newsletters and Dog Fancy!

Derrick likes to give the dogs silly nicknames, so Tigger has also been known as "Tig", "Tig-a-woo", "Tig-a-roo", "Goo-Bee" (for good boy), "Stinker", "Silly", "Mr. T" and "Bigger Tigger"... With all of the names he has, there is none better than a best friend and companion. He is definitely more than just a pet, he is a family member.

Tigger is also a service dog and takes his job very seriously. 



Graphical collages courtesy of Mo van den Tillaart.

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NADAC 12" Agility Results:

Date Judge Level Class Leg Title SCT OT Yards Faults Q? Place
08/25/07 Don Cuda Nov Jumpers 1 of 3 -- 30.8 20 98 0 Q 1
08/25/07 Don Cuda Nov Touch N Go 1 of 3 -- 69.3 54 175 0 Q 3
08/25/07 Don Cuda Nov Tunnelers -- -- 48.4 47.62 154 10 -- 2
08/26/07 Don Cuda Nov Tunnelers -- -- 51.85 52.52 165 30.67 -- 2
08/26/07 Don Cuda Nov Jumpers 2 of 3 -- 32.69 21.98 104 0 Q 1
10/14/07 Doug Ricks Nov Tunnelers 1 of 3 -- 50.02 35.03 162 0 Q 1
10/14/07 Doug Ricks Nov Jumpers 3 of 3 NJS 26.72 12.83 85 0 Q 1
06/28/08 Morene Brown Nov Tunnelers 2 of 3 -- 44.28 32.48 161 0 Q 1

Note: SCT = Standard Course Time (seconds), OT = Our Time, YDS = yardage 




Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

Great Great Great Grandparents

Great Great Great Great Grandparents

Diamond Hills-

Lilac Hills Dash

DL82782602 (06/01)
Black, White, & Tan


Prince Charming

DL46103401 (06-97)
Black, White, & Tan
CERF Normal
AKC DNA V62722

CH Dundee

Amos Moses

D976318 (05-92)
Black, White, & Tan
AKC DNA V35946

CH Dundee Famous Amos
WE958946 (10-82)
Black, White, & Tan

CH Severn Smoke On The Water
WE093254 (11-79)
Blue Merle, White, & Tan

CH Ridgeside Stormsong  WD339324 (7-77)

Severn Petunia Pumpkin  WD379696 (8-78)

CH Dundee Added Attraction
WE400138 (10-81)
Black, White, & Tan

Shawn Dar's Bi Courage  WD773911 (9-78)

Dwalin Horizon Blue  WD790401 (6-79)

CH Fiego Star Of Africa
D816474 (07-90)
Blue Merle, White & Tan

CH Macdega Out Of Africa
D514349 (03-89)
Black, White, & Tan

CH Macdega Time Bandit  D024012 (5-86)

CH Macdega Marrakech  WE994753 (12-84)

Shamont Fanfare
D605993 (04-89)
Blue Merle, White, & Tan

Shamont Ghost Of A Chance  WE919673 (10-82)

Shamont Can't Believe She's Tri UD  D320521 (8-87)

Misty Megan Dream

Come True CD

D945173 (07-92)
Sable & White

CH Draco's Admiralty UD
D647613 (06-90)
Black, White, & Tan

CH Westwood's Janissary Of Draco UD, HC
D359256 (10-86)
Sable & White

CH Jade Mist All-American Dream  D157930 (3-85)

CH Mainstay Sugar Babe  WE620973 (7-83)

Rebmel Kayanoma Deep Blue Sea UD
D133471 (03-86)
Blue Merle & White

CH Killybeg Prince Of Darkness CD  WE230828 (5-80)

Akirene's Blue Sky Of Pocono
WE153500 (6-79) *CANADA*

Gleneagl Jade Mist Wildworld
D780057 (06-90)
Sable & White

CH Wayanet's Dallas Cowboy
WE007716 (08-80)
Sable & White

CH Wayanet's Magic Sandman  WD508080 (12-77)

Wayanet's Gingersnap  WD777432 (8-78)

Gleneagle Jade Mist Dare Me
D531627 (03-89)
Sable & White

Glenagle Jade Mist Impulse  D223520 (12-86)

Gleneagle American Made  D449188 (12-86)

Tulsa Time
DL62732102 (06-00)
Black, White, & Tan

Rachels Samsonite
DL36163103 (04-93)
Sable & White

Prince Andrew Of Roweland
D107289 (05-84)
Sable & White

CH Quicksilvers Heartbreaker
WE576232 (08-81)
Sable & White

CH Westwood Tuf Stuff Of Coally  WC994513 (5-79)

Quicksilver Camelot Hi Hope  WE057047

Vetter's Serenade Of May
WE794941 (04-83)
Sable & White

Ozark Crest Wind Of Mariah  WE231062 (10-80)

Limerick Morning In May  WE436722 (3-81)

Norsahs Mirage
D933160 (07-91)
Blue Merle

Little Shel-Lee
D170395 (11-84)
Blue Merle, White, & Tan

Shel-Lee's Little Abee  WE219071 (8-80)

Bona Vita Misti Blue  D007121 (8-83)

Lindsey McKay
D356080 (10-86)
Black, White, & Tan

Tailasin Bradens Stash CD  D100978 (1-85)

Baby Doll IX   D123008 (11-84)

Abby Little Bit
DL57202006 (06-96)
Sable & White

Clayton Redoak
DL44321802 (06-94)
Sable & White

Rowdy Redoak
D675811 (09-88)
Sable & White

Kadar Gold'n Teddy Too D308805 (10-85)

Jennifer Redwing Rowdy WF124928 (4-83)

Hi-Autumn's Heartbreak Hotel
D299921 (03-86)
Sable & White

CH Camelot Excalibur WE332628 (12-80)

Limerick Pina Kolada WF057972 (9-84)

Bret's Bo Barbara
D457439 (09-87)
Sable & White

King Arthur IX
WE534866 (08-86)
Tan & White

Frosty Snowman WD909083 (9-78)

Cookies Tootsie Roll WD909084 (9-78)

Bret's Bo Of Oak Hill
D169465 (12-85)
Sable & White

Lori's Nickalaaus Sebastian WE375024 (10-81)

Cinderella of Graham's Range WE063562 (4-84)

Sympa's L O

Quence N Motion

Sable & White



Un Drole

DL69426703 (01-04)
Sable & White

Scarletts Rhett

Butler Shep

DL51882402 (03-96)
Sable & White

L E Peter Pumpkins Job
DL33001001 (12-91)
Sable & White

Peter Pumpkin's Pepe Le Pew
D518317 (11-89)
Sable & White

Taber's Peter Pumpkin Man D487105

Crissy's Cinnamon Babe WE821342

BJ Sandy Terry
D654546 (11-89)
Sable & White

Golden Life Terry WE535355

BJ's Gin Havin Sabrina WF164995

Sledges ScarlettLassie
D690422 (05-93)
Sable & White

Ferguson's Cloud Keypur
D030260 (08-84)
Sable & White

Linvale's Bogie Boy WE052716

Ferguson's Sunnie Brandy WE718332

Ashley's Dusty Fawn
D330758 (07-88)
Sable & White

King Duffy Of Canton WE746228

Lady's Little Fawn Of Canton WE493431

Fancy Little Girl
DL48614905 (03-96)
Sable & White

CH Loenvar's I'm Impressed
D957745 (05-92)
Sable & White

CH Farpointe's Winter Showcase ROM
D715318 (11-89)
Sable & White

AM. CAN. CH Barwood's Impact ROM D468616

Walden's Winter Song D410253

Loenvar's First Impressions
D770063 (04-90)
Sable & White

CH Loenvar's Lasting Impression D508720

Minos Special Issue D081510

Rocky Acre's U R My Sunshine
D864267 (09-92)
Sable & White

CH September Recent Rain
D528337 (09-88)
Sable & White

CH Benayr Here Comes Trouble ROM CD D139918

September Champagne D058150

Rocky Acre's Crescendo CD
D301053 (08-87)
Sable & White

CH O'Davak's The Jazz Singer CD WE874779

J-Bar's Country Sunshine CD WF204241


Ms Behavn Bell


DL90443105 (01-04)
Sable & White
CERF Normal

Sir Sheldon Of

East Town GR

DL43613303 (10-99)
Sable & White

Lord Shepfield
D952732 (11-90)
Sable & White

Kid Galihad
WE685528 (12-82)
Sable & White

Golden Voyager WE164920 (6-79)

Moribrook's Sweet Taffy WD828296 (6-79)

Cristina Of Chrissa Bonsai
WE625923 (12-82)
Blue Merle, White, & Tan

Ceaser Of Chrissa Bonsai WD274168 (7-76)

Trick's Blue Lady WE115317 (4-79)

Misty Marvel of Quincy
D921251 (11-90)
Sable & White

Budward Buddy Boy D702149
Sable & White

Baird Farm's Country Classic D184644 (4-86)

Baird Farm's Abbie D53516 (6-88)

Bessie Babes
D635430 (10-89)
Black, White, & Tan

Proverty's Just Dandy CDX WE608813 (8-83)

Proverty Small'N Windy Cloud CD D515937 (8-87)

Lady Morgana

of Stockbridge

DL73073702 (10-99)
Sable & White

McKenzie Big Chance
DL68522701 (05-98)
Black, White and Tan

KM Tyler Andrew Schwedler
DL59473906 (07-97)
Sable & White

Spruce Medo Solo Performance DL51510801 (10-95)

Spruce Meadow's Bonami DL44138401 (4-94)

KM's Shasta In The Clouds
DL63409304 (07-97)
Sable & White

Royal Dream Boy DL56957907 (7-96)

Lady Gabriel VI DL50093705 (11-95)

She Ra Dawn McKenize
DL34537102 (05-93)
Sable & White

Baird Farm's Duo Dynamic Tye
D845144 (01-91)
Sable & White

Rhinestone Cow Boy Ladie James (8-87)

Alanlee's Muffy Of Baird Farm D268026 (2-86)

Baird Farm's Dorol Gal Tasha
D633645 (01-91)
Sable & White

CAN CH Sheldon Baird Farm Jake WE140352 (3-80)

Baird Farm's Precious Jewel D380424 (1-88)